Wednesday, July 15, 2009

not the state of origin

I'm giving Spicks and Specks my full attention for half an hour because:
1. Football is boring (unless I can comment sarcastically on twitter)
2. See 1.

Spicks and Specks however, is what we might call "good old fashioned entertainment". Adam Hills is a modern day Daryl Somers or Bert Newton (and I mean that as the highest compliment). He's quick, witty, a little bit naughty but basically inoffensive. He lacks the smugness of contemporaries Rove and Wil Anderson. That's a good thing. Rather, like Peter Berner on the Einstein Factor, he is engaging.

So who will join Adam, Myf and Alan on the panels this evening? Let's see shall we?

(tap tap tap..wading through all the ABC self promotion that apparently is not classed as advertising).

Oh and now a news update. Gordon Nuttall. No surprises there. Swine flu...predictable. Dog bites boy.
Weather with Jenny. Apparently it's cold. Who knew?

Gee they're really pushing that United State of Tara. Wondering if it's any good.

Trial and thank you.

And now, something about foxes in Tasmania. Feral Peril..good names always rhyme.

Wonder what David and Margaret will make of old Harry and his mates.

Oh, is Spicks and Specks actually starting. Thought we'd have at least three more "coming up soon on your ABCS"

Stripey suit Adam. Little joke. Cute.

Ella Hooper. O-kay. And the comedian whose name I can never remember. Not a good sign.

OOOHH Murray from the Wiggles. That's better.

Dave O'Neil...well he's no Hamish Blake but he'll do.

Some over laughing and then to round 1. Alan chooses blue eyed soul. Myf - yacht rock. I don't even know what that is.

Everyone stuffs the Dusty Springfield question. How hard can it be people?

Now for Yacht Rock. Adam is kindly explaining what it is with a visual gag. that's something new. Noice.

Murray Wiggle certainly knows his yacht rock. The doobie bros, steely dan. It's all a mystery to me.

Round 2: this is a slightly boring game. Match the thing with the question. Stay tuned for lots of team quibbling and attempts at joke making. YAY.. Myf's team got it right.

Now Alan's turn. Something trivial about Jimi Hendrix. Go Alan and team. They're joking about Jimi being a girl's name. I went to primary school with a girl name Jimi. Never struck me til now that her parents might have been big Hendrix fans. Because when I was 10 I was completely unaware of Jimi Hendrix.

Now chat time with Murray and the story of his invention of the famous Wiggles hand moves. Lame joke from Adam on the panel. Moving on nothing to see here.

Follow up to one hit wonders or something now. I might be thick but I can never understand these better or worse questions. Thankyou Alan for clarifying. Hurrah ALan's team got it right.

Myf team's turn now. The Knack vs A-Ha. I know I've heard that A-Ha song before, back when I was young and used to read Smash Hits magazine and stick pictures of Johnny Depp in my school diary. When he was in 21 Jump Street. Did I blog that out loud. Oh Well.

Oh the keyboard game. This is stupid and an insult to pianists everywhere. Musical snobbery emerging now. I much prefer the bicycle riding game myself. Because that's not stupid at all! But good, Dave playing for Myf's team. He just manage to squeeze some entertainment out of this. Yes he's milking the moment with some Gilligan's Island references. As well as "taking the piss" out of the game as they say in the street (or wherever). Thank you Dave, perhaps they will relegate this game to the land of Never again!

Right...this is going for far too long now. And now he's making a joke of a Paul Kelly song. Sacrilege quite frankly. Last song now and the horror will be over. Alan's doing the fake laughing, not a good sign either. Finally over.

We must be up to the last round now. Surely....please Adam...please!

The Final countdown: Good. Alan's team trouncing it now. But he's devastated getting the last one wrong. Not sure how Myf's team won actually.

Ooh final song excellent: What Shall we do with a Drunken Sailor?
(Primary school music class comes back to greet me)
Fabulous fiddle music though. And there's a banjo. BONUS.
A rousing end to an ordinary episode of Spicks and Specks.


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