Saturday, July 11, 2009

What Wendy Watched: Barry had rheumatic knees

The problem with now having a DVD recorder is that now am continually have to catch up on my TV viewing because I record things that would normally miss. And then, I'm trying to fit them into my regularly scheduled programming.

This week I have caught up on:

The Big Bang Theory - a guilty pleasure thank you Channel Nine.

New Tricks - What's better than four old character actors plus Amanda Redman solving mysteries? Not much. Last week's highlight for me was Brian (Alun Armstrong) going undercover as Barry to catch a magician murderer (or something...the plot was all a bit confusing). Nevertheless, this distinction between Brian and Barry was that Barry had rheumatic knees. Nice.

Torchwood from last Friday which I enjoyed A LOT. Atmospheric and gripping all the way through. It was a little contrast to last night's Torchwood with the Cyberwoman wreaking havoc all over the place. However, if nothing else it has reminded me that I could revisit Donna Haraway re the theory of the cyborg.

Doctor Who from Monday set the scene for one of the episodes that scared me the most this coming Monday: The Satan Pit. Not really into Satan as storyline I have to say. But each to their own I guess. I probably tape and watch at a different time.

In between I managed to keep watching Teachers (Tuesday ABC2) which is starting to lose its mojo now I'm guessing we're into Series 2. Can't be long til Andrew Lincoln leaves and it was all over red rover.

Spicks and Specks was a surprisingly entertaining episode given the guests. I can't help myself. I find Hamish Blake really funny despite my better judgement.

A number of episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I particularly love Larry David's interactions with his "friends" Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen playing themselves. And anything which guest stars John MacEnroe as himself has to be alright. John and Larry bonding over Larry's inappropriate birthday gift for Danson of a "book of freaks" was delightful.

And last but not least, When the Boat Comes In. Way back in January I gave my parents an anniversary gift of Series One. They have only just started watching it. They save it for nights when I eat dinner with them. We've watched four episodes so far. Classic British drama with James Bolam looking young and dashing as a returned Sergeant, wooing Jessie Seton (played by his real life wife who appears as Brian's wife in New Tricks, alongside Bolam. It's complicated). It's all poverty, despair, strikes, miners, disease and cold. But for something made in 1975 it's aged remarkably well. If only my parents would stop saying things like "Isn't a shame so and so dies", or "they didn't get married did they?" it would be even better.


2paw said...

Oh TV!!
BBT: I LOVE this show, it is most amusing and very clever. Glad they started showing it again.
New Tricks: Some people pooh pooh this as formulaic but I think it is full of fun and pathos and happiness and I like Sandra and her cohorts!!
Torchwood: Haven't watched the Lisa episode, I just paused the starting credits to make lunch. I also have the 5 part new seaon ahead of me!! MrsDrWho has been recording it from the PayTV so we can watch it en masse.
Teachers: totally agree. My interest has already waned.
S&S: against my better judgement too!! The show sinks or swims on the back of its guests.
CYE: have never seen this show.
When the Boat Comes In: am humming the tune as I type. This was one of the great drama series, the Geordie accent and the ups and downs and I love the fact that Jack's real life wife is Brain's fictional one too!! They should show it again. The ending was very Blackadder last episode.
My mum is hopeless and always asked right near end of Callan: "What is happening now?' (eg) You had to pay attention to The Whole Show to know. In the end I would tell her that everyone would die and she would go away happy!!!

Wendy said...

Oh parent and TV. We have two family stories about my father watching TV that we frequently repeat.
1. Billy Elliot - three quarters of the way through the video my father had dozed off in is his usual fashion. He woke up and asked of no-one in particular "Does this boy dance?"
2. Suddenly Susan - most likely a little remembered Brooke Shields sitcom. After 20 minutes of staring at the show: "Is her name Susan?"

And then there was the time he got most impatient because the remote wouldn't work. It turned out he was using his mobile phone.

I'll be interested to hear what you think of Lisa!