Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"as much lift as you can get"

This afternoon saw me trip out to the dressmaker with my little black dress. What I thought would be a simple alteration job of shortening the straps has turned into a major dress operation, requiring a refitting on Saturday once I have purchased a strapless bra with (and I quote directly) "as much lift as you can get and perhaps also some chicken fillets". Aaaagghhh. Because (and I quote again) "undergarments are very important". And not only does she have to shorten the straps but also cut out under the arms so I am not strangled by the armholes. This involves operating on the bones in the bodice. I was not even aware there were bones in the bodice such is my ignorance of all things dressmaking. Does she use a carving knife for such a procedure? All in all, very complicated and mystifying.

I'm sure you all await the next instalment of Wendy's trip to the dressmaker with interest.

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