Sunday, June 21, 2009

At the risk of repeating myself I say to you "bargains"

Before returning to Bundaberg on Thursday we stopped off at Chermside for a little shopping. The express purpose of the visit was for my mother to look for a wrap for the Wedding of the Century (see sidebar). However, the amount of money I spent in a swift three hour swing around the centre was astonishing. I may have been dazzled by the bright lights, the specials and sales, and just the all round impressiveness of this mecca to consumerism. I may also have an incurable addiction to shopping.
Here's what I came away with:
1. A beige courduroy jacket (80 dollars marked down to 30 - who in their right mind could walk past this bargain)
2. A pair of white jogger, sneaker things - also marked down to 80 dollars instead of 120. Again, I say to you, bargain.
3. A black Italian mohair wrap. Not marked down but just right for Wedding despite the fact that I now have four wraps to choose from on the day in varying weights and materials.
4. A grey, sort of paisley patterned scarf. I'm buying a lot of grey lately. I slightly concerned that like the myth about dog owners I am secretly trying to look like my cat. Anyway, it's nice, even though I didn't actually NEED it.
5.Three books for the price of two (you see them listed in my sidebar under Reading. NB. The DVD recorder manual was not one of them). At the risk of repeating myself. Bargain.
6. Flight of the Conchords Series 1. Yes I am a late adopter of Flight of the Conchords. This doesn't mean I appreciate their absurd, deadpan music theatre sitcom any less than you cool people who have been engaging with them for some years. I am restricting myself to one episode per day.
7. Curb Your Enthusiasm Series 6 - no explanation necessary. I am saving this until I have finished with the Conchords.
8. Four fabulous biros with SIX colours from a pleasant stationary shop I have never encountered before. (Only one is for me. The others are presents. See I don't just shop for myself.)
9. A pair of swirly silver earrings - 5 dollars. What was that I hear you say? - Bargain. I wore them last night to the concert. See, useful!
10. Clinique foundation. Yes technically I know I can buy that here in Bundaberg but I was walking right by the counter in David Jones, so you know, why not?
11. Green tea with vanilla from the T2 shop. I am drinking it now. Probably not a bargain, but definitely useful.

Imagine if we had stayed the whole day.


Jilly said...

Then can I borrow Flight of the Concords? Please?

Wendy said...

i'll think about it!

Sue said...

How many trips back to the car were required? Or perhaps you also hired a bag carrier??? :) Sounds like fun though!

Wendy said...

Just one trip. I am very highly skilled in carrying lots of shopping bags. I have had a lot of practice! Would have liked to stay longer....