Sunday, June 14, 2009

i am a maker of lists

Things that I must do today: ( I am a maker of lists)
1. Wash clothes, towels, bed linen etc
2. Dry the above - preferably outside on the line. I am rather lazy though so often I get them out the machine and think "Stuff climate change, I'm just going to chuck these in the dryer".
3. Remember to put out the wheelie bin (not as simple as you may imagine) while also being bothered to empty all bins in the house.
4. Email back publisher with manuscript corrections. Now, this has been a task that I have set myself everyday since last Sunday and failed to complete it. I blame work plus my tendency for procrastination. Work mostly though. There are only three very minor errors that I found but when I had the time I didn't have the inclination, and when I had the inclination I didn't have the time.
5. Water the garden. Usually I rely on it raining but with this cold, dry, sunshiny weather the rain has failed me. Rest assured though if I do water the garden it will most likely rain tomorrow.
6. Nanna nap. This item is non-negotiable, must do, and if anyone disturbs me there will be crankiness and pain (for them, not me).
7. Begin my journey towards non-scraggy fingernails. This will involve an emery board, moisturiser and Dr Lewinn's secret nail formula. I have now three weeks to have acceptable fingernails for my brother's wedding. No, I know it's not long, but I believe it's do-able.
8. Practise piano duet part for choir concert next Saturday night. It's not difficult but I probably need to look at it at least once before rehearsal tomorrow.

Wish me luck, because it is Sunday after all, and I'm just as likely to hang about in my pyjamas watching television.


Wendy said...

It seems my dryer is teaching me a lesson about my carbon footprint, by refusing to work.
But the line outside is full!!! How can I dry my stupid dryer?

Jilly said...

The Nana nap, LOL. Too funny, but what about Harry is there gonna be crankyness and pain for him.

Wendy said...

he's having a cat nanna nap as well