Saturday, June 6, 2009

Black-hole humour vs it's all about the song

This being a blog that describes itself as all about televsion I should probably say something about the whole Chaser controversy, so here it is: I don't care. I don't watch "The War" because I don't find it funny and never have. CNNNN was a far superior effort by this group of so-called comedians. I will admit I didn't see the offending sketch but it sounds like it was more of the black-hole (rather than simply black) humour that characterised the previous series (which is the one during which I gave up on them).

Phew that's over and done with.

What I did do last night was have a thoroughly enjoyable evening in front of the televsion by watching Bill Oddie's family history on Who Do You Think You Are? on SBS. This was a thoughtful journey into Oddie's family tree, centring on unravelling the true story behind his mother's incarceration in a psychiatric asylum for most of Oddie's childhood. What's best about these programs is when the personal story intertwines with the social and cultural fabric. Here we had a story of both the effects of the Industrial Revolution told through Oddie's ancestors' work in Britain's cotton industry, as well as the developments in medicine and mental health. It was fascinating, sad, funny and poignant.

Then a quick switch over to my current favourite Friday night fare on ABC2: Spectacle with Elvis Costello. Elvis' guest this week was James Taylor. Once again, an artist of which I know very little was illuminating in the conversation Elvis opened up, about songwriting, fame, celebrity and all things music industry. This was the highlight (annoyingly I can't find the version from Spectacle so you will have to make to do with the wussy video. However, it's all about the song):


2paw said...

I think The Chaser 'Boys' have stayed too long at the party. They should have taken a leaf out of Cleese's book and stopped, leaving us wanting more.
WDYTYA? is a fabulous show. I am not at all interested in the commercial rip offs. Harki was born in the house where Kate Ceberano's ancestor worked, so I ahve saved that episode of the Australian SBS show!!

Wendy said...

yes i totally agree. Kath and Kim has sadly made the same mistake. Luckily the British version of the Office stopped while they were ahead as well.
How exciting to have a connection through your labrador to Kate Ceberano! It's not everyday you hear that :)

jinx said...

Actually saw James Taylor getting off the ferry in Nantucket. HE lives on Martha's Vineyard but must have been on the island for some entertaining. No one bothered him he was caught in the line with the rest of the tourists.

Wendy said...

well i think you should have bothered him for his autograph!!! although that could have been a bit too touristy :)
Impressive...sightseeing celebrities!!