Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Watch, Listen and Singalong: Part 25: In fact I love my wardrobe

This is one of the first songs I can ever remember hearing. My parents owned a double album of Donovan and it seeped into my consciousness as a child. Later as a teenager I rediscovered it and adored it for it's simplicity, catchy singalong chorus, and fabulous last line.

I hadn't thought about for years until it popped into my head this afternoon. It's just as cute and delightful as I remember all these years later. In fact it's quite difficult to listen to it without smiling. Suddenly the minor worries and concerns of the day fade away into the cloud of banality from whence they emerged. I'm wondering if I kept my 501s with the ripped knees that were my pride and joy (because they were ripped through wear and tear over a number of years, not pre-ripped). I'm also regretting that I never bought a pair of doc martens but thinking I might have found an explanation for my apparent T-shirt addiction. I'm lamenting the loss of my red converse sneakers that served me so well round and about st lucia some years ago now but pleased I've never thrown away my long paisley crinkle skirt even though I haven't worn it for years.

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