Saturday, June 27, 2009

welcome to my world little iphone

I rather think I lost my head on Thursday and splurged out on an iPhone. The nice man at the Telstra shop (and I imagine that's a phrase one doesn't hear often) kindly put my name on one of the new ones that were (and I quote) "out the back" and I dashed in after a huge day at work to pick it up at quarter to five yesterday. Apparently, I got the last one in the shop. This is what it looks like:

So far I have managed to
1. turn it on
2. change the ringtone and text message alert tone but only from the presets it came with.
3. work out that I had to actually import my sim card contacts after almost 24 hours of wondering where to find them.
4. send an email (even though I thought I was sending a text)
5. send and receive texts successfully (like you know...on purpose)
6. messily access the internet. with that one i definitely need more practice.
7. tweet.
8. import selected playlists from itunes and listen to some songs.
9. worry about scratching the screen
10. look unsuccessfully for a cover thingy. there seemed to none about the shops this morning unless i wanted tiger print. (the helpful man at telstra basically told me their range was crap and to look elsewhere).

As for whether it's better than the previous model, I can't say. But it is definitely more exciting than my samsung handset. More iphone adventures await me.


2paw said...

I can barely operate my mobile phone that's about 8 years old!! Good luck with your new toy and finding a more appropriate cover: tiger print?? What are they thinking???

Wendy said...

i know..tiger print! the girl immediately assumed i wouldn't want it and said to come back next week!

alison said...

If you really want to geek out over a cover, you can't go past the Clarifi.

Flower without Clarifi

Flower with Clarifi

Did you get the 3G or the 3GS?

Wendy said...

hey that looks good! I'm searching for covers on the net today.
I got the 16GB 3G. Didn't want to go too crazy and is definitely enough for what I need.

Wendy said...

no I tell a's the 3GS. I don't know what that means though :)