Sunday, December 7, 2008

Secret Santa Sunday

Let's see, what did I do today? Sunday is perhaps the oddest day of the can be insanely busy or you can find yourself staring into space for hours on end with nothing to do.

Got up, got out of bed....(Beatles fans feel free to keep singing along here..I can't actually remember the next line)
Hung out washing that had very cleverly washed last night so I could get it on the line early before it got so insanely hot that I didn't want to walk outside. I allowed myself a few moments of being very impressed with my highly organised domesticatedness.
Shower...followed by once a week beauty routine...exfoliating...that's they key people!
Started to worry about stupid secret santa gifts for choir christmas breakup tomorrow night. Because we are going to Baltimore (a restaurant situated at the port) there is a nautical theme. What this has to do with Christmas I'm not sure but it sounds like it has potential for fun.
Racked brain for something under 5 dollars that would be a nautical gift. Decided to go back to Sam's Warehouse (previously The warehouse, previously Silly Solly's) to get three more of these and call them ship's cats. HAHAHAHA...very pleased with own imaginativeness re the nautical theme. Then started to worry that they would have none left, it being a week since I bought mine and knowing that who in their right mind could resist such a cute and tasteless piece of Christmas paraphernalia.
Jumped in car with mother and drove to aforementioned warehouse and like a sniffer dog tracked down what I think might have been the last three in the shop. In the manner of all discount shopping then bought some other bits of cheap junk we really didn't need. Well I bought gift tags which I did need, but mum bought a little wooden Christmas train ornament. I'm not sure they she really needed this, but it was cute in a pinocchio-esque kind of way and was only about 2 dollars.
Pleased with ourselves then we made our way downtown to Indulge which was open on a Sunday for Christmas. Nabbed a table and ate a big piece of citrus cake each (we could have easily shared..but hey, whatever) and coffee. Met Anne and her daughters. Wondered if Target would be open. Apparently not, because here in the regions we have not yet become so enlightenned to have seven day a week shopping all year round. Yes, I know, it's stupid.
Went home.
Turned on air conditioner full bore and wrapped up the secret santas. General tidy up round the house.
By then it was lunch time (peanut paste sandwich and an orange if you must know). Mum and I spent this time loading family photos onto a usb stick as for Christmas grandparents are getting a digital photo frame. Fab idea for a present. We think so!
And lunch nap til now.
Woken by thunder...raced outside to get washing off the line. Some big spots of rain but I made it just in time.
Drinking coffee and thinking I better practice songs for the concert tonight.

It's a full life.


John said...

"Dragged a comb across my head"

Wendy said...

thank you, thank you!