Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wendy's Week of TV: Part 23

Saturday: Iron Chef

After weeks of arguing with my parents as to whether Iron Chef is rigged because the challenger never wins.....FINALLY....a challenger won. See! See! See! (It was an egg battle). More entertaining would have been if they had just thrown them at each other in true egg-fight style.

Tuesday: Well of course it was all Father Ted all the time as evidenced by my previous post this week on the topic. I still finding myself humming " My lovely horse, running through the fields...." and so on. Even better was Ted and Dougal's actual performance at the Eurosong awards. Just as funny but in a whole different way.

Hamish Macbeth was his usual dour self, Isobel returned and Lachie Jnr found a girlfriend. All this mixed up with an inept Scottish mafia was quite entertaining.

Thursday saw the final two episodes of The Amazing Race. I was devastated when Toni and Dallas went out in the Moscow leg when Dallas left their passport and money in a taxi. Idiot! They really had a shot I think. In the end though it was Nick and Starr all the way, even though if the winners had been based on the how much one partner berated another throughout the whole process Ken and Tina would have won hands down. I couldn't help thinking Ken was making the mistake of his life when he brought out those wedding rings at the finish line. And a final word on Dan and Andrew, the bumbling frat boys. How I would have loved to see them win, but it was never going to happen. It must have taken them hours to get through the memory test (all of which I guess ended up on the cutting room floor). That could have been a whole episode in itself. I'll miss you Amazing Race.

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