Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Technological Tuesday

Friday afternoon my desktop threw a tantrum and got taken to the computer shop. I meant to ring them yesterday to find out what was going on but didn't get to it. So this morning I call and discover that they guy who had taken it there "only does contract work for them" and hadn't actually told them what was wrong with it or what might need doing. I sat on hold for five minutes while they located it in the shop. Hmmmm....I asked, "And I guess you're closing tomorrow until New Year? Any chance you could look at it today and tell me what's wrong?". Things weren't looking hopeful but a technological Christmas miracle occurred when they rang shortly after lunch to say it was right to go.

So the desktop has now been returned from the computer shop with more ram, and less viruses. So, good, I can use twitter again without shutting down the browser, but I am now using mozilla instead of internet explorer. I don't know if it's that we've used up our quota of downloads (more than likely!) but it doesn't seem that fast, and I am finding the look of it a little bit funny to get used to.

Fingers crossed all is well.

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