Wednesday, December 10, 2008

twinkling, fairy light Christmas etiquette

I got my first Christmas card in the post today. And it wasn't from someone that I would ever think to send one to. I'm organised with little treats for the people I work with (but I see them everyday and I think they deserve some reward for putting up with me). Usually I alternate with my feelings about sending Christmas cards. Some years I take a stand and send none. Other years, everyone and their respective pet gets one. I had sort of decided that this would be a non-Christmas card year. Sure, like everyone else I'll be continuing to annoy people on facebook with christmassy good cheer. That's fun, in a cute, time-wasting kind of way. But, now it seems like the Australia Post ball has started rolling. Do I now just send one to people who send one to me? Or do I take control, do a basic list of the usual suspects, and cross my fingers that no more unexpected cards arrive the day before Christmas (making me look like Scrooge because I haven't remembered to send them one).
What is the twinkling, fairy light Christmas etiquette here?
I'm all confused.


Mione said...

I agree about the christmas card dilemma .... this year I have bought cards in the hope that I will find the motivation (time I have plenty of)... time can only tell.

It's more than likely that people I see will get one, rather than the postal kind.

Wendy said...

yes i agree it's the motivation that's lacking for me...i'm sure I could find the time if I really wanted to.

jinx said...

Well I only believe in sending cards to those you do not see within a month of the holidays so I will now say "Merry Christmas" to you !!!I therefore only send them to people overseas or that live a long way away. Not sure if there is any etiquette.

Wendy said...

yes jinxy that's a good rule! i think it might just be relatives in other places will get a that narrows it down a lot :)