Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Watch, listen and singalong 1: Birdhouse in your Soul

After the earlier Ratcat and Hummingbirds posts earlier in the week I have decided to start a new occasional series of posts called Watch, listen and singalong. Here I will show you my fantastic taste in music (read that sarcastically if you want to! I'm writing it that way), lots of it from the olden days. I know I have posted this link before but here is the whole video. This changed my entire view of the music and pop music in particular when I accidentally caught it on the short lived ABC Countdown Revolution, while growing up in little old Bundaberg.

Two things you must know about me and my fandom of They Might Be Giants:

1. Never ever describe them as "quirky" in my presence (real or virtual)

2. Always appreciate the songwriting genius that is John Flansburgh and John Linnell.

The end.


Catriona said...

That song makes me happy every single time I hear it, which isn't nearly often enough.

It is, though, hands down the weirdest film clip ever . . . except possibly for New Order's "True Faith" clip.

Wendy said...

that's what I think is so wonderful about it! And the part at the end where they sing the two choruses against each other...I love that too...except never can decide which one to join in with...because can't sing both at once!
it is an odd little clip...I like that too...especially the chorus of dancers in the checked shirts and paper glasses on their faces..and the mechanical a spoof of that classic video clip style where everyone is perfectly in synch...but now here in an pseudo-industrial style....I think I may b ranting now

Catriona said...

"Hands down weirdest film clip ever" wasn't actually supposed to be pejorative! Thought I admit it sounds like it should be.

It's also the only time I've ever seen a man moshing while wearing a turtleneck tucked into slacks--which is also awesome.

Wendy said...

I liked your "weirdest film clip ever" comment - and read it as a compliment!

and yes - the turtleneck and slacks - there should be more smart casual wear in music videos

on a fashion side note...browsing through the daily show site and searching for they might be giants I found a copy of an interview from 2001 or so where flansburgh is wearing jeans with huge cuffs rolled up... he pulls off this look with some panache (in my humble opinion anyway) clearly leaders in the fashion stakes

lucy said...

well wasn't that just full of quirkiness...

Wendy said... you're really in virtual trouble!!!!!

(although part of me is laughing also!)

Anonymous said...

OMG i remember you introducing me to TMBG in your little appt at Macgregor (LOL)what a blast from the past this is, i have now dug up TMBG cds from every box i can find and revisited them all

Wendy said...

Well I'm pretty happy that I converted someone to the wonders of TMBG...but "Anonymous"...who are you?? you could be one of a number of people???????

Andrew said...

Its Andrew - didnt know how to do the sign off thingy on blogs, sorry (embarressed)

Wendy said...

A-Ha! I thought it might be..see now you've worked out it though...not embarrassed..very clever!

djfoobarmatt said...

I only have Flood. If they are not quirky, then what are they?

Wendy said...

Hmmm...good question...imaginative, poetic, literary, historically aware, politically satirical, sometimes nonsensical, all wrapped in pop perfection melodies and a musical lineup that includes a rocking piano accordion (of which I am envious and really want to be able to learn one day!).

Their sound also really expanded from Flood onwards...once they got themselves a band of other instruments rather than being two guys and a drum I would recommend getting all later albums....particularly John Henry, Factory Showroom (which contains the song after which this blog is named, and Metal Detector which I adore) and Mink Car
They have also written albums specifically for kids, I don't know much about these but I'm sure they're fabulous
check out my previous post with links to youtube with a range of pre-flood songs plus a very recent one also

I'll stop now....!