Thursday, December 18, 2008

"what's that about?"

Quote of the night from bookclub last night came when we were discussing what film we would see for our first meeting of next year. The conversation turned to Australia and there was a distinct lack of enthusiasm (and even some mild groaning I believe) from everyone in the room. It's only redeeming feature as a choice seemed to be "well at least it would make me go and see it". If you are made to see a film it's doubtful there's much excitement in the choice.

Then Jinx came up with the suggestion of Frost/Nixon. Everyone was keen except Anne who first wanted to know "What's that about?"

We all laughed like the proverbial drains.

Surely, the title is rather self's about Frost and Nixon.

We laughed like drains just a little bit more and then got back on track.

Anyway, apart from that moment of humiliation for Anne, it was fun night as we discussed The Eyre Affair. Lorraine was the only one of us who had read any kind of science fiction in any detail before...she was questioning of some of the time travel paradoxes but agreed it was a greatly entertaining read. And Jan had found herself having to scurry to secondary sources to get all the literary references. But Anne and I had really enjoyed it and have since bought the rest of the series to share between us. Most wonderful of all was Jinx, a self-admitted non-reader, who found it an entertaining and hilarious book, frequently laughing out loud and finishing it in a day. She's now keen to read the second one. Thus, we deemed the choice a great success for the end of the year.

We also ate Christmas goodies and had a nice all round chat and laugh about many things...not least of all what that mysteriously titled Frost/Nixon might be about.

(A big thanks to the folk at Circulating Library for first alerting me to the existence of the book, of which I was previously ignorant.)

Now I'm wondering where the phrase of "laughing like a drain" comes from....would it be the gurgling noise drains sometimes make? Hmmm...there's my project for the day.


jinx said...

Yup Have to say I did enjoy the book the best of the year-- of course I was in pain and probably needed to laugh out loud to release the right endmorphines ( spelling eludes me at the moment and no it isn't a play on words!)

Wendy said...

i think it's a wonderful play on words