Friday, December 19, 2008

the trusty little laptop that could

It's been a crazy day of computers and other such technical things. As is my wont I started the morning with a healthy dose of laughs with I can haz cheezeburger and then.....da dum!!!! dramatic music....stupid internet explorer froze up. As the morning progressed I found it increasingly difficult to check emails and then open the internet at all. When it did open and didn't freeze up the screen immediately it wouldn't show any pictures of photos - just those annoying little icons. I suspected a deadly virus.

Luckily today was the day I finally got around to taking my five year old Mac laptop iBook G4 to the shop to get some more memory and an airport card installed. They told be it would be ready around Tuesday...but guess what I got it back this afternoon. Very fortunate indeed because my father in the meantime had sent the "computer man" round to my house to check out my desktop. Shane the computer man and I had a lovely chat while I was out shopping on my mobile as I explained in a very inarticulate fashion just what had gone wrong this morning. He has carted the tower away.

So now I am rediscovering the joys of my laptop - the trusty little machine that I wrote my entire thesis on. I have managed to set up my email, get back on to facebook and my blog, although for some reason it doesn't like it when I open twitter and shuts down safari immediately. They were only able to upgrade to OS 10.3.9 (not sure which big cat that is). I was excited that I might be able to use twitterific or some of the other applications but they all seem to require 10.4. Darn.

But at least I am not totally disconnected. Although I do still keep grabbing for my desktop mouse and wondering why the cursor doesn't move on the screen of the laptop. Duh.

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