Sunday, December 14, 2008

Selfish Christmas Shopping Sunday

It's been a weekend of Christmas shopping with more to come this afternoon. Yes, metropolitan readers of this blog, the shops are actually open here on a Sunday. It's wonderful, because it seems many residents of my fine city can't actually break the habit of no shopping on a Sunday, so you can actually meander round quite peacefully looking at stuff and getting distracted by things you either hadn't thought of, or really don't need.

While I have bought a great many of my Christmas presents and am feeling just a little bit smug that I have very little left to get for others, I have also enjoyed rather too much random present buying for myself. That's the real joy of Christmas shopping....buying yourself presents.
So far I have bought:
  • A linen top...which I am wearing today. It is very, very cool (temperature wise that is)
  • Some red glittery thongs (so as to take advantage of 50% off second pair really I was forced to buy them to help out my mother with her present buying of shoes for someone else)
  • Three head scarves (two of which are too small for my large head and have now been given to my sister....see, I am in the spirit of giving)
  • Twenty four tea light candles (how come you just can't buy one tea light candle in Target?) to go in the the boat tea light candle holder I won for my choir secret santa. However, seeing as that only uses up three, I also then bought a Santa tea light candle holder (which uses up one more). If anyone is running short of tea light candles, I'm your girl.
  • Underwear - five pairs. In my defence it's 20% off at Target this week. In the opposite of my defence, I fell for the strange marketing scam of "aloe vera infused underwear". I have no idea what this means, but it was cheaper than the other brands. I have previously fallen for the marketing scam of Target's "organic" underwear. And no, I don't know what the difference was there either.
  • Two bras...which are neither aloe vera infused or organic as far as I am aware. Also 20% off. Bargain.
  • The Graham Kennedy book by Mike McColl Jones. Further to my defence it was 50 % off. Don't know that there's much reading in there but there are nice photos etc. Perhaps I can claim that one off my tax for research purposes.
  • Coffee and cake at Indulge before the buying frenzy. Absolutely essential to build up strength and mental agility for making difficult present decisions.
What excitement awaits me this afternoon when I go to Hinkler Place?


Faral said...

I have never heard of aloe vera-infused underwear, but considering I live with a man who won't even buy aloe vera-infused tissues, I doubt I'll be buying those.

I am, however, all about Target's organic cotton knickers. I'd buy bras, as well, but they don't make them in my size. But the knickers, I adore--less, though this is not a politically correct confession--because they're organic cotton, and more because they're light, have next to no seams, sit beautifully, and wash well.

Wendy said...

i'd never heard of them either until stumbling upon them today. (those tissues are fantastic btw if you have a full on cold...nose doesn't go red no matter how many times you use the tissues! )

I do agree the organic undies have lasted well and they are pretty comfortable, compared to other purchases (where the elastic is all wrong!)...I guess i am just a little skeptical that they are actually "organic" do we really know? and what does that actually mean in underwear terms??
so many questions...I guess the final verdict is the comfort factor :)

Catriona said...

Oh, damn--I didn't change my user name for that one. Embarrassingly, I have posted that previous comment under my Dungeons and Dragons character name. (Long story.)

Rest assured, whatever my Elf Ranger thinks of organic cotton knickers, I am also a fan.

Wendy said...

Ha!...I guessed it might be you when I clicked on the name and it took me to the Erevan's journal blog. I'm sure Elf rangers need good underwear as well as us ordinary mortals!