Monday, December 15, 2008

Watch, listen and singalong: Part 4 "He ain't heavy"

Keeping with what seems to be my current old time vibe of watch, listen and singalong here's something you can karaoke to as you read. (I'm on holidays today so I've got plenty of time for browsing youtube!) This is a classic ballad and I actually didn't realise it was by The Hollies until Anne and I were discussing live concerts whilst walking on Saturday. The first one she went to was The Hollies at Festival Hall in Brisbane. What's notable here I think is the terrifically slow tempo and that opening where the first line jumps so high, so suddenly in the singer's range. That takes skill (and if you go to youtube you'll see a 1988 version of them singing it on Top of the Pops where time has taken its toll on his vocal agility. They also up the tempo slightly). I like the slower speed. It requires listening patience and asks of us time to appreciate the soaring melody and beautiful harmonies - time that we don't find often required in popular music today.


Anonymous said...

Sure takes me back!!Anne

Wendy said...

aaah...right back to the bus on the way to Festival Hall!