Friday, December 19, 2008

the trusty little laptop that could: 2

Things I am noticing about my Apple laptop.

1. The screen is very small
2. The keyboard is very compact
3. It's slow compared to my desktop (but I guess give it a break it's five years old)
4. I am having trouble getting used to the minimize,maximize, close down buttons being on the left instead of the right. I had the opposite problem when work insisted I get a pc.
5. It doesn't like anything to do with twitter
6. some of the blogging functions seems to missing - need to do some exploring to see if I can find them somewhere here.
7. I love the ribbon across the bottom of the screen
8. It's great having so much more room on my desk without the great hulking tower
9. The keys make a satisfactory clicking sound (as compared to my keyboard)
10. I must attach a mouse because I am hopeless at using the touchpad thingy and think it will give me RSI.
11. I can't get the airport to pick up because can't remember password. the solution is apparently something complicated about resetting the modem which I think I will leave for another day.
12. Luckily the ethernet (?) cable plugs into the side very nicely.
13. It's cute.

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