Monday, December 22, 2008

Watch,Listen and Singalong: The Christmas Edition 1

What a treat. I have decided to post one of my favourite Christmas songs (excluding actual carols) everyday til Thursday. This is one of my all time favourites, particularly because it goes against the "ho ho ho,isn't everything jolly" trend of so many Christmas songs. From the classic Vincente Minnelli musical Meet Me in St Louis, you can appreciate the skill of Judy Garland in conveying the melancholy of the song (quite similar in tone to Over the Rainbow if you think about it). Anyway, any time I see it's on the TV I'll sit down and watch it, for this song and the other classics The Trolley Song and the title song.
Read more all about it here:

Enjoy, or if it's not your cuppa tea, simply marvel at whatever that is Judy is wearing on her head.


djfoobarmatt said...

Wow, I'll be sure to watch the film if I see it go by on the free to airs. I didn't realise this song was supposed to be sad and was just reading how Frank Sinatra changed the lyrics for his version to cheer them up slightly.

Wendy said...

i found a copy for 8.99 at target! it does screen every so a saturday afternoon movie...well worth a watch i think!