Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Sunday afternoon walk around the yard

Seaside daisies going crazy in the front garden

Purple daisies...these self seed so although they are growing in a pot I should have a wonderful crop appear next year.

Purple violas...these grew from one seedling mixed into what I very optimistically call the herb garden. Note the rosemary making its way through the flowers. There's native violet in there too which is a wonderful groundcover for part shade.

And my favourite...lavender. Two weeks ago there were no flowers to be seen and then suddenly the bushes are covered in buds and new growth. I just wish the climate was a little more helpful...the humidity in summer isn't kind to lavender.


Mione said...

What beautiful flowers!!!
The only plant meaningfully planted in my garden that is flowering are my aloe vera. Oh well.... maybe next year

Wendy said...

Hey thanks! It makes it a little difficult that I have periods of great gardening enthusiasm followed by weeks of neglect, but these are hardy flowers thriving nonetheless.

Catriona said...

How lovely. I can't grow anything; not only am I the only member of my family with a black thumb, but I also cannot stop the possums eating everything that has anything to do with plant matter.

And I mean everything--including a packet of cigarettes.

I am consequently very jealous of other people's lovely gardens.

Wendy said...

cigarettes...that's some tough possums you've got there. I have some too but they seem to stay out of the garden (the bits i've planted anyway). my favourites are the kookaburras - they sit in the trees at dusk and give a great big's lovely. I also tell myself they eat any snakes lurking about the bushland at the back of my yard!