Tuesday, September 23, 2008

what the hell is that???

....I asked my good friend and colleague Jinx as we were handed the latest thing in university marketing while we innocently sat chatting earlier today.

...it's a FAKE TATTOO.

....with a cute little logo for one our regional university programs here.

I'm actually a little lost for words on this one.

(We did have quite the belly laugh though)


Mione said...

hahaha.... that's pretty cool

I had to read it twice just to make sure i'd read what I thought I had :P

Wendy said...

yes...we had to look at it a few times before we could believe our eyes!!

jinxster said...

well I found a tattoo next to the rubbish bin in G.16 so students have not taken to the idea of aviation tats. So do you think those students still need TM2????

Wendy said...

Tattoos or TM2 - that's a bit of a toss up isn't it??