Sunday, September 21, 2008

what now?

Well the wind has finished sweeping down the plains, the corn has been cut down and the mornings are a little less beautiful. That's right, Oklahoma has completed its run at the Playhouse theatre and this morning, all around town there are people waking up wondering just what they used to do on Tuesday, Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons. The 10 week rehearsal period is rather intense. And people who have never felt the inclination to be involved are often bemused by the dedication and willingness of others to be take part in such events.

When you're involved in a project like this you get swept up in it, you live and breathe it for a couple of months. You see the same people many times a week, chatting, laughing and, yes, sometimes griping. You're part of a team all working towards a common goal and that's a good, and often exciting feeling. Then, of course there's the adrenalin rush of the performances, the nerves, the tension, and the joy when it all goes well and audiences laugh and enjoy themselves.

And, then it's over and we all return to our everyday lives, but it's the memories of the great times that keep people returning to the they can experience it all over again. The theatre brings people together in a positive way, and that's a wonderful thing to be part of.


lucy said...

What a lovely post albeit a little sad! Oklahoma was a wonderful experience but there is always a tinge of sadness when it's all over because you have been a tight nit 'family' for weeks and then everyone goes their separate ways and you don't see them until the next show (which may be a year or so away!) However, there are those wonderful memories and it's always rewarding to complete a successful season and start something new and exciting.

I think you chose the right show to make your return to theatre! Hope you had a fun (not too gruelling) time and make your return to theatre in the not too distant future! We'll judge it by how much dust is on the piano...too thick and you'll be getting a call!

By the way, now the show is over I'm going to have to annoy you on Facebook I hope you realise...unless of course you delete me!

Wendy said...

It is a little sad isn't it? I didn't think I would be..but there you go...that's the power of the experience I suppose.

I'm sure I will return but probably not for the rest of this year (in a piano playing capacity anyway). But I do have good intentions to get involved in other ways - tea, coffee, ushering etc for other shows.

now we have the joys of orpheus to look forward to as well!!

jinxster said...

I felt very sad on Monday evening when I realised I wouldnt see everyone until I am in another show. So I have placed Nov 28th on my social calendar to get a chance to live through the memories. I just hope I won't be in too much pain from my foot operation.

Wendy said...

will we have to carry you up the stairs...or open the downstairs door like for pensioners at a matinee??
bring lots of painkillers!