Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Be afraid of my writerly wrath Red Team

According to sources (i.e. my mother) the red team voted off AMANDA...instead of Cam. Wrong, wrong, wrong. This is the soppy side of me baring all now on the blog. But I wanted to see her lose all that weight. Plus Cam annoys me with his attention-seeking behaviour.

Red team I am extremely disappointed in all of you, and distinctly unamused (in the manner of Queen Victoria). Be afraid of my writerly wrath in the weeks to come.

(Meanwhile over at the Parish Hall supper room last night, the set piece for the chief choral is starting to sound really good, in spite of the fact that is an old fashioned, traditional choral song from sixty years ago with words by Coleridge Taylor. It's grown on me. Of course that action wasn't on the telly. I'm just sharing with you all because that's the kind of lovely person I am).

My, I have to get that self-directed sarcasm under control I think.


Andrew said...

No, no don't get the self directed sarcasm under control - let it fly, it is very amusing.

Wendy said...

Glad to provide some amusements for you!

I'll do my best to continue....