Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the morals of coffee

Well, I raced home thinking I was late for my first piano student. I was not. But then remembered I had promised to ring another music teacher to get my student some more practice theory papers. So in 10 minutes I made this call while at the same time making a plunger of coffee. Do not try this at home. In my rush to get off the phone and get the coffee made I knocked the plunger off the bench and coffee went from one end of the kitchen to the other, half way up the fridge and pantry door and all the way to the window blinds. So then, I was madly trying to clean the mess up with an old towel (paper towels weren't going to cut it), rub some moisturiser into my very mildly burnt toes, and, of course make another plunger of coffee (in my second best plunger). I also found time to put the kitchen mat in the washing machine. (Note to self, go and turn it on now to wash. Don't leave it there all week). This time it worked and I made it in the nick of time before my student arrived.

Well, actually the first five minutes of the lesson consisted of me yelling out, "Start your scales" while I finished making the coffee. She was very good. And then, my second little student arrived. Her parents own my favourite ever coffee place in town. And guess what, she had brought me a free takeaway latte and a green st patrick's day cake.

What's the moral of this story?
Don't rush when you're making coffee.
Don't try to do too many things at once.
If at first you don't succeed with making coffee, forget it, because coffee will always appear from whence you least expect it.

(I'm sure I haven't used whence correctly there, but don't really care because it's a nice, yet underused, word, and seems peculiarly suitable for morals).
And here is a picture of the cake just to make you drool.

I'm saving it for later.


2paw said...

Ouch, and then Yum, what a delicious looking cake!! I made pink jelly, cream filled lamington fingers yesterday, but now I have cake envy.

Wendy said...

understandably so!
i'm just about to eat it now!!

jinx said...

how lucky are you!!!

Wendy said...

very lucky indeed! cake was yum.