Friday, March 20, 2009

Can't anyone do anything by themselves anymore?

Sadly, I only got in the first twenty minutes of THE BIGGEST LOSER last night. So I saw Michelle make Sharif PAY for playing TEMPTATION. That was GOOD...he was sweating up a STORM and nearly THREW UP. That would have been GROSS but excellent TELEVISION. Big CAM was finally doing some HARD TRAINING. While over in the blue team training I marvelled at Shannan's ability to jump over the witches hats. That's impressive fitness. So I didn't get to see Sharif take THE WALK...but I believe then he was going to do in his former partner, now on the blue team, whose name momentarily escapes me. At least that's what the forecasting made it look like...and I'll be lining up tonight at 7 to see what happened, if anything. Please nobody spoil it for me. I'm even resisting going on to the website.

I have decided that Q and A is quite a dull program in spite of it's worthiness. Tony Abbott needs give up on his little fringe and go bald with grace and good humour. Kate Ellis on the other hand, has a lot of hair and was wearing a very pretty blue top. Bettina Arndt looked scary in pseudo animal print fur collar coat thingy. And I expected the "rebel priest" to be a lot more interesting than he was. Although maybe after 10 when I turned it off he and Tony had a High Noon standoff over Catholicism. I dunno.

Then I tried to think of programs that weren't panel shows. I think I've raved on about this before. Rove has a panel, Einstein Factor has a panel, The New inventors has a panel, Insiders and Offsiders have panels, The View has a panel, Spicks and Specks and Rockwiz have two panels, The news on any channel has a panel, the talent shows all have panels, Good News Week has a panel. And then there's all the jolly teams, and group programs - loser of course, survivor, amazing race, backyard domestic better gardening australia. The cook and the chef is a little team of two, Can we help (back to panels), the Collectors (panel), The Chaser, Top Gear, Iron Chef, all those forensic scientist, psychological crime shows - gangs, teams and forces. And sitcoms (such as they are) - family and faux family groups and gangs and teams.

Can't anyone do anything by themselves any more? There's Oprah I guess. I'm just wondering....and welcome suggestions because it's slightly worrying me

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