Friday, March 6, 2009

Watch, Listen and Singalong: Part 15: The joke was on me after all

As promised I have been trawling youtube...again. My proper TV posts will return over the weekend.

Here's a display of my inner dorkiness. As a teenager I remember watching a concert that the Bee Gees performed at the Melbourne Tennis Centre. It was broadcast on the telly and hosted by, of all people, Craig MacLachlan (if my memory serves me correctly...which of course it sometimes doesn't). But I was especially taken with the songs of their pre-disco era. The beautiful harmonies, the perfect blend of voices and in particular, the strange tremulous quality of Robin's voice which you can hear here in I Started a Joke.

Enjoy, or alternatively, just sit there and think what an absolute dag I am. It's up to you.

I choose the former.

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