Sunday, March 1, 2009

the merits of frozen broccoli

I have succumbed to the merits of frozen broccoli.
1. It doesn't cost 12.99 a kilo (thank you Olsen's Corner Foodworks that is daylight broccoli robbery to which I refuse to stand and deliver).
2. You don't discover it already going yellow in the crisper three days after you've bought it, at which time you throw it away. Rather, it lasts forever, frozen in time, like when Han Solo was cryogenically frozen in one of the Star Wars, which one I can't remember but it may have been Empire Strikes back. And then, a little bit of hot water and hey presto, it's brought back to green freshness. The broccoli...not Han Solo. How did they unfreeze him? It's been quite some time since I watched those movies.
3. It's already cut into florets. Thus making the cooking process extremely time efficient and safer for those of you like me who are a bit hopeless with knives.


Catriona said...

Because I am a hardcore geek . . .

Han Solo was frozen in carbonite in The Empire Strikes Back and unfrozen in Return of the Jedi.

Carbonite freezing was a means of transporting cargo, so it had a built-in "unfreeze" capability. I believe there was some indication that it might be unsafe for living tissue, however--they experimented on Han so that Darth Vader would know whether it was safe to transport Luke to the Emperor in carbonite.

Then Jabba didn't bother unfreezing him immediately, because he found it more amusing to keep him as an ornament.

Wendy said...

Your so-called "hardcore geek" knowledge is to be applauded!! It's all coming back to me now....that Jabba...he was a nasty piece of work really

jinx said...

Very glad to know you have joined the frozen veggie brigade. Tastes good and you waste nothing. So easy to put into casseroles too. I like anything that means less time in the kitchen.

Wendy said...

there's an actual brigade i've i get a special badge or something?

2paw said...

Beaten to it, Han was 'unfrozen' in Episode VI, by Princess Leia disguised as a Bounty Hunter. I think it rendered him temporarily blind????
I am not in the FV Brigade, I bought fresh brocollini and bok choy today(sp?). I think the badge would be sponsored by Nigella and feature frozed peas though!!!

Wendy said...

yes i think i remember the temporary blindness mother is the family expert on the STar Wars films (only the originals though)..haven't bothered with the new ones

Now that I am in the FV Brigade perhaps I need a brooch in the shape of a cauliflower floret or some such...that could be attractive!
either Nigella or Ian Hewitson...he's not averse to product placement i've noticed