Saturday, March 21, 2009

Upside down Miss Jane

Only half an hour of Loser last night. Still, it was long enough for a little excitement. Firstly, training competition between the two teams. I felt sorry for Tiffany having to run on the treadmill. In fact I feel sorry for anyone having to run on a treadmill. I don't do running. Except in emergencies. Then there was a rowing challenge between Sharif and Andrew and finally a bench press challenge between bully boy brothers Nathan and Andrew. Nathan is STRONG and he WHIPPED Andrew's behind. And then everyone went OUTSIDE into the parade ground to be led to the week's CHALLENGE. It took a LONG TIME for Ajay to explain the RULES. This was a little BORING. Basically the challenge was product placement for Burgen bread, and involved team trivia plus team strength. Why the red team picked Cameron to answer the trivia is anybody's guess. However, CLIFFHANGER, we do not see who wins until Sunday night's weigh in. Perhaps the REDS make a COMEBACK. I for one will be tuning in. And if like Sue you are now watching Loser in an interactive manner here is an example of just how your "Hurry Up" should sound.

Mr Squiggle...the man from the moon. Upside down, Miss Jane, upside down.

Rebus, Rebus, Rebus, Rebus. Why do I continue to watch Rebus in the vain hope that it will bear some resemblance to Ian Rankin's crime novels? Here supposedly was Resurrection Men. The only bit that seemed vaguely familiar was that Rebus was undercover at bad cop school. I don't remember the fire, or the whole art world/drug/ money laundering scam. But then I haven't read the book for two years. Perhaps it was a perfect adaptaton. But it didn't seem like it. There's another one on next Friday and I imagine I will watch that as well with the same bewilderment that characterised this viewing experience. Ken Stott is adequately rumpled and aging, but more backstory and explanation of Siobhan would be nice. In the books she has many more dimensions than we see on the screen. Pleasing to see the woman from The House of Eliot turn out to the baddie.


2paw said...

Now I have an ear worm of the Mr Squiggle song!!
I liked the John Hannah(I always want to write Hannay, maybe it is Hannay, or maybe I am obsessed with The 39 Steps: only the original or the Kenneth More one, not the one with Roobert Powell, who was Jesus too I think)slightly better. I still picture Stott from Takin' Over The Asylum. I think you just have to try and imagine it as a parallel universe Rebus.

2paw said...

Oh and I meant to say- Yes, it was Bea from HoE!! MrsDrWho and I were kind of watching TV whilst on the phone and we both exclaimed about her at the same time!!

Wendy said...

yeah that song is pretty catchy....remember at the end miss jane would put him back into his rocket and he'd fly back to the moon....

yes Bea...I was a big house of eliot fan when it was on. If ABC2 played repeats they'd have at least one viewer. I haven't seen her in anything for years and years so that was nice

and sadly I have not seen the John Hannah Rebuses...and have been unable to find them in the local have no point of comparison. I love John Hannah but he would have been like the absolute opposite of Rankin's Rebus who is crumpled, drunk, overweight, and getting on in years.

Sue said...

What gets me is how polite the Mr Squiggle show is! Haven't things changed! Fancy calling anyone Miss anything!!! Even the Hurry Up is fairly polite!! I've finished with the exclamation marks now... :)

Wendy said...

I got called "Miss" the other day in class actually. I explained very nicely that it's uni and students can please use my first name...unless of course they want to be called Mister.

you're right Mr Squiggle is very polite to Miss Jane. And that's as it should be too!