Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the purpose of sticky date pudding

The Biggest Loser: Well!... Trainer Michelle gave Cam a fantastic telling off, when she saw the reds had voted off Amanda and he, with his wussy, whingy ways, had surivived the elimination. That was enjoyable. Apparently Nathan and Andrew, the bully boys now split between blue and red are from Hervey Bay. That's near here. I'm almost famous. I'm sad I didn't know that, but happy because that fact means I don't read the New Idea. But then, it got boring with a trip to THE WAREHOUSE. Yes, it was time for capitalised high drama. And then, even worse, there was some convoluted test where the red team had to fight some scary looking woman for their week's food. It was all getting too complicated and little bit like pub jelly wrestling for me so I turned off. But, never fear, dear readers I'm getting ready for tonight's episode. Oh, and the blue team have to eat microwave food or some such all week. I think I'd like that actually. As long as there was microwave sticky date pudding. Which I doubt there is...on The Biggest Loser. Unless it's 99% fat free and dehydrated into a diet shake. And this, would defeat the entire purpose of sticky date pudding, which is in fact, the stickiness combined with the dateness.

The Doctor: As I have already commented over at Circulating Library, I liked this episode from the get go because it was about TV. Because who doesn't love the myths of television's evil, life-sucking power, writ large in a plot on a television program? I did find Rose's outfit a little over the top and, like Catriona, I was a little unsure about the Doctor's hair. And, why stopping now dear ABC1? This doesn't seem to be the end of the series. Is it so absolutely vital that were are offered one of those fakey looking documentaries about lost ancient cities? I think not. Disappointed. Very disappointed.


2paw said...

Foreign Correspondent is moving into the 8pm spot, I think and then Lead Balloon later on. I am not absolutely sure, but it is something like that. Apparently The Doctor is not rating well.

Wendy said...

foreign correspondent? really? it sounds like they've given up on tuesday night ratings altogether