Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday shop-a-thon

Home from the Saturday shop-a-thon with a number of bargains and specials. Of course, there was the obligatory grocery shopping. Enough said...that doesn't actually count as shopping.

But apart from that there was the beautiful Indulge breakfast...poached eggs, mushrooms, toast and decaf skinny latte. So yummy.
Then there was a hike up the main street to the jewellers where I got my new ring off layby. It is a curious swirl of gold and white gold. Unfortunately, I have to wait all the way until Monday afternoon to pick it up as it needed resizing.
Then a cursory stop at the Dymocks bargain table...where for about 5.95 each I picked up Richard Florida's The Rise of the Creative Class (at least I think that's the title and I'm too lazy to get up, walk into my bedroom and check exactly), Pamela Stephenson's biography of Billy Connolly and Carmel Bird's book on how to write a memoir. I'm not planning to write a memoir any time soon but it looked interesting.
Oh...and I forgot Target...A red T-shirt with a big butterfly on it plus those socket things...because Monday's lecture requires I wear my green sneakers and I don't want to have to wear socks as well.

Eyebrows then...neat and tidy after a very small amount of pain. And then final pitstop in Katies where everything they want to get rid of from their summer stock is on special. The best time to buy. Work clothes...and a skirt..the kind I can never resist...oh and a summer scarfy thing in all different colours.

I'm not allowed to go into any more shops....for the rest of the day anyway. I think I was overcompensating for last week when I had no weekend at all.


2paw said...

Oh that sounds like a very civilised way to spend a Saturday. I went on a quick foray to Katies, but alas, nothing green At All. I could tell with a quick scan.
Green sneakers? How excellent!!

Wendy said...

it was a very pleasant morning.
I love my green sneakers...but up here find it too hot to wear them through the summer...cooling down slightly they're making an appearance on Monday....we're doing a six hat role play for our students...and I am green!
apart from anything though green is my favourite colour

2paw said...

Oh Thinking Hats!! Green is my very favourite colour. Sadly I cannot bring myself to dye The Labradors green.......

Wendy said...

Green is an excellent colour...but I don't know if it would suit Labradors! They're lovely the way the are..