Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Let me say just one word: COMMANDO

Well TBL delivered the lot last night. Excitement, suspense, tears, laughter, anger. I'm trying hard to think of another program that's doing that at the moment and I can't. So all you BL disbelievers out there it's time to get on board in the lead up to the finale. I reckon about two thirds of the way through is the best time to join these so called reality programs. They've eliminated the boring ones, the characters have revealed enough of their personalities for you to decide who to cheer for. And there's twists galore. Let me say just one word for all the fans out there: COMMANDO.

Yes the Commando is back in his big black HUMMER and he has whisked Nathan and Bob back to Fitzroy island. They are in SECRET TRAINING for the rest of the game and one of them will be a FINALIST. At this revelation I actually got goosebumps, which either I means I'm a little pathetic, or this was genuinely exciting television.

You see Nathan was eliminated by his Red team, which was GOOD. Because I don't really like Nathan and his manipulative style of playing the GAME. So Phew! But then in the BIGGEST TWIST EVER (I don't know if Ajay said these words but if she didn't she should have) Nathan got a LETTER, which said he had to choose someone to be eliminated with him. Would it be Meghan, who had cast the DECIDING VOTE against him? Would it be Sean who was the BIGGEST THREAT against Nathan's little big brother Andrew? Or would it be Bob, who is my absolute favourite and the Biggest of all Biggest Losers in BIGGEST LOSER HISTORY (a history book btw that I am yet to find on our library catalogue. Perhaps you have to be at a sandstone uni for your library to stock this kind of high quality history book).

So we all lined up in the BIG GYM. Nathan stood on the BIG SCALES. And he chose BIG BOB. BIG SADNESS. Everyone cried and hugged (Bob not Nathan. I think they were all pleased to see the back of Nathan). Tiffany was the saddest of all. Go Tiffany! You are now my favourite after Julie.

BUT.....(da, da daaaaa....cue evil villain theme music) little does the house know that Bob and Nathan were met by the Commando in his Hummer and taken back to Fitzroy island, thereby remaining IN THE GAME. They got to watch a Pauline Hanson style video of Ajay telling them the story with her usual ponderous delivery. And they got into the BIGGEST LOSER HELICOPTER. I'm telling you, TBL has it all. And then they are back at Camp Survivor Biggest Loser apparently. It's got the firestick thingies and everything.

Back at the house Michelle was VERY ANGRY at the red team for eliminating their strongest player. Still CAM remains. Blah. And she told them so and then whipped their butts in training. She thinks they are STUPID. I think she may be right.
Meanwhile in blue training, Shannan was INSPIRING his team towards POSITIVE thoughts for the future, especially Tiffany who was still very SAD.

Go have the most weight to loser in your island hideout. And I don't want Nathan in the final.

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Anonymous said...

Oh it was so good. I cant wait to see what happens. I think Bob will win the big numbers. WOOT!!!!