Monday, March 16, 2009

just misplaced at the moment

I seem to have misplaced my little filigree ceylon sapphire ring. It was the ring I wear every single day and I can't find it anywhere. My right hand feels weird without it. I take it off every night and put it in the same just wasn't there this morning and because I was in a hurry I left without it. I've turned the dressing table upside down. However, I'm not calling it lost's got to be in the house somewhere..but where?

I know I wore it yesterday.

Once I misplaced my esprit silver watch. Two years later when I was selling my car I was cleaning out the boot and found it under the carpet that covers the spare tyre. I don't really want to wait two years for this ring to turn up again.

UPDATE: Crisis averted. I found it, hiding under a big ugly brooch (that I never pick up or move) in the wrong tray of trinkets. My hands are now back to normal, with the right hand weighted as it should be. You see I had just been down to pick up my resized new ring, and then when I couldn't find my old favourite, I was imagining fate working against me somehow. You know, that Wendy was only allowed one nice ring so the universe had conspired to remove the other from this world.

In other words, I was being a nitwit.


Catriona said...

When I was in high school, I once lost a watch. And then, after I'd bought a new watch, I found my old watch in between the pages of my Visual Arts Process Diary.

So under the carpet in the boot of the car doesn't seem like such a stretch.

Of course, I think I've subsequently lost that replacement watch. Which is a shame.

Wendy said...

a watch in the pages of a diary..that is impressive!

I have way too many watches...and of course only wear the same one every what the other five or so are for I'm not quite sure