Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nathan: The Tribe has spoken (oops wrong show)

Only a small amount of TV last night due to BIG choir rehearsal. But I did allow myself to be five minutes late for practice so I could see who was going to ELIMINATED from THE BIGGEST LOSER. It was touch and go there and all came down to MEGHAN's VOTE. Would it be Cam, the one who tears up at the drop of a dumbell, and has lost little NUMBERS every week? Or would it be Nathan, the BIG BOOFY FELLA who has lost a lot of BIG NUMBERS, but seems like he would be real BIG BOSSY PAIN to have around. My disloyalties were torn between the two because I would like to see them both gone. The TENSION, the DRAMA, the VERY SLOW EXPLANATIONS from Ajay of the voting procedure as it progressed up the line of LOSERS. In the end, Nathan was shown the BIG DOOR and BIG HALLWAY, because he got the most votes under the BIG SERVING PLATTERS.

Excellent! (says she in the manner of Mr Burns rubbing his hands together in a manipulative and evil manner).

UPDATE EXCITEMENT: See where going out and being involved in community music making gets you. Behind with Biggest loser that's where. Apparently, (thanks to coffee with my mother this morning) Nathan then received a LETTER (not sure whether it was a BIG LETTER) that told him he must choose someone else from EITHER TEAM to be ELIMINATED with HIM. Oh the AGONY.


Sue said...

Ajay (who has to spell with four letters a name that only has two letter in it) delivers not only slow explanations, but summaries of votes after every single one is revealed and an apparent belief that audience members (or perhaps it's contestants) can't count to one... On second thoughts, maybe it's Ajay that has trouble counting to one.

But Wendy, Nathan hasn't gone yet. He has to chose someone to take with him in the morning... The tension is almost unbearable, isn't it?? :)

Mione said...

However, it looks like you didn't stay around for the twist.
The big boofy fella can take anyone he wants with him.
He gets to eliminate any of the other players.
hmmm... i wonder whether it'll be Meghan???? well that's what the ads are suggesting :P

Wendy said...

I KNOW!!!! see my update. It better bloody not be Meghan. It needs to be Cam....enough with the crying already buddy...you need to get out of there.

yes...Sue...counting to one is difficult sometimes it seems. I like to think of Ajay as Ajax....because ta da...change one letter and that's what you get. Maybe when she says "it's time to cut the fat" she is like a cleaning agent cutting through grease and grime with a light sweep of her cleaning cloth.