Thursday, April 15, 2010

Could it be? Yes it could....

So it's been a pretty dull day at work - the usual stuff, email, phone calls, battles for term 2 timetables. Then you're driving home after making a routine stop at the IGA for milk and bread (which is ridiculously overpriced I do believe) and you continue on your merry-ish way thinking, "when is that freaking pixies cd I ordered over the internet ever going to arrive? the concert was a month ago. have I been scammed? etc and so on and so forth". And then, you arrive home, tumble out of the car with your empty lunch containers, milk, bread, handbag and see in your letter box a suspiciously promising white parcel. Could it be CD shaped? Could it? Yes it could.

Ta Da.

For perhaps the first and only time I use this word in a non-ironic way: Awesome.

I shall now cook dinner whilst listening. Then I shall eat dinner while watching last night's Daily Show/Colbert Report combo. Following on from there I will watch Kerry and Barack and then I shall watch tonight's DS/CR which I am recording.

Oh yes. Life is full of small excitements.

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