Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 3: Faure and Skechers

Day 3. I'm awake,showered, dressed and eating my breakfast at a time when I would usually still be in bed. My eyes are being held open by imaginary matchsticks and I am steeling myself for the day of a zillion children singing in their school choirs. Shortly, they will descend on the Civic Centre - perhaps the ugliest and least-acoustic friendly venue in Queensland if not Australia - to sing "two pieces of a contrasting nature". Perhaps I exaggerate. There may not actually be a zillion. However, I do not exaggerate about the venue. The reason we use it is it is the only place in town that can accommodate so many children and our regional council (and the councils before it) have not seen fit to build a specific performing arts centre (unlike nearly every other major regional centre up and down the coast). In other words, our Civic Centre is crapola but we use it because we must.

Highlights yesterday, the double bassist I accompany came first with her two movements of a Corelli Sonata. She was thrilled and perhaps a little stunned because the competition was high. This morning at 8:30 we play Faure's Apres un Reve which is very very beautiful.

Here's a taste

Surprise! I actually found a bass version.

In other news today I am wearing denim skirt, brown t shirt, and skechers. It's a day of lots of walking ahead. The best bit will be the takeaway coffees in town.


2paw said...

Whenever we went on excursion we always checked out where to get a cup of tea or coffee when we were there. The children weren't allowed to go to the shop!!
I am wearing a lime top, aqua trousers and shoes.

The Second Half said...

Indeed it was beautiful, thanks for sharing it with us!
And today I wore a brown knitted top, donkey brown pants and brown boots today. And a cream with brown flecked cardigan, sort of Top Deck look for the day. 2-paw's outfit sounds so cheerfully colourful!

Andy said...

Im compelled to respond to this blog entry. AWESOME! It is not everyday that someone posts a video of a Bass solo - Thank you. And a very good version of it too.

I'm wearing Blue corporate school shirt, denim shorts and a Dr Who watch.

Wendy said...

A doctor who watch????? Where can I get me one of those????

Isn't it nice to know what everyone is wearing?