Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Sometimes....not often...I arrive home to find exciting things in the letterbox.

Today I found:

1. The original copy of Miriam Hyde's The Forest Stream which I had ordered only last week from the Australian Music Centre. Very prompt service and an absolute bargain at only 10 dollars.

2. Seven past theory papers for Grade five Theory of Music from the AMEB. Again very prompt service. Thank you AMEB Queensland.

3. One "uber" @Rockwiz prize for my previous Rocktwizzing. A four CD of "The originals behind the covers". That's right. You heard me - 4 CDs. Excellent, I think for taking to work, playing in the car and just generally listening to any time I can.

4. A plastic bag with three avocados and one completed Grade Five Theory of Music practice paper. That's right. You heard me - three avocados.

5. An Optus mobile phone bill. Ok so that's not technically exciting, but on the upside it isn't for me. So..you know...hurrah!

You may be noticing a theme in terms of the "Grade 5 Theory of Music". My wonderful piano student is doing her exam in May so she usually completes a couple of practice papers per week. She is also sitting for her Grade 8 Piano exam in May. She's 14. And her dad works putting irrigation systems on to farms so that explains the avocados.

And finally, here is a song about letterboxes


2paw said...

Today there were four big balls of Bendigo wool a bazillion pamphlets and a Delicious magazine renewal. No avocados at all!!

Wendy said...

still sounds good despite the lack of avocados. it's probably illegal for me to send you any through the post?!

The Second Half said...

mmmmmm avocadoes...so will that improve tomorrow's lunch menu?

Wendy said...

it most certainly will. avocados improve everything :-)