Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Egg-stravaganza

Yes I know...what an original title for a post about Easter. Puns ahoy.
This year at work I took on the mantle of Easter bunny for the day. This meant I had to wear my best ugly Easter tshirt (thank you Supre) and a pair of bunny ears and a tail which I do believe may have been purchased at Aldi. I bought some very cheap chocolate eggs for our students and taught two two hour tutorials wearing my ears and tail. In short, I was in the Easter spirit, if indeed the Easter spirit is about cheap commercialisation of all Easter iconography and eating copious amounts of chocolate. (It is, isn't it?)

Here are some iPhone snaps for your enjoyment or otherwise.

A moody self portrait. It was difficult to hold my phone far enough away from myself to get the ears in shot. Need longer arms. did we ever celebrate Easter without your presence?

Aaahh...really cheap chocolate eggs from Sam's Warehouse. Made in New Zealand apparently. I made sure not to eat any.

Aaaaah... a cute little chicken.

Aaaah... a slightly freakish, scarily pink Easter bunny shirt. Aaaah...Supre how did we celebrate religious holidays before you started producing cheap themed clothing?

Aaaahh... a lovely gift of assorted chocolates etc. Warning, that small white egg on the left underneath the pink Cadbury egg is perhaps the worst tasting excuse for an Easter egg I have ever eaten. Ever. In my life. I had to eat the Cadbury egg straight after to get rid of the awful aftertaste. Sort of a mixture of bugs, deoderant and jelly. Just generally defying description.


2paw said...

The whole Easter thing is very weird as we have Anti-Easter weather and nature and trees etc.
Lovely T-shirt!!
We celebrated with ashes and palm fronds and endless Masses. Supre T-shirt is much better than that!!

Emma said...

1. Those bunny ears are soo cute! There's far too much frivolity going on at that uni ;) We had a casual dress day at work today and I only saw ONE bunny shirt and certainly no ears.

2. That bunny on your shirt definitely looks like it should be in some type of horror film.

3. The horrible chocolate wasn't Kinnerton was it? I'm assuming they also make Easter eggs. If it's anything like their Advent calendars it's just inedible.

Wendy said...

1. Goodness you're going to have to some festive spirit at the council in time for Christmas

2. Yes the bunny does look like it should be holding a big knife

3. Not sure on the egg brand but it was truly icky. I almost spat it out.

The Second Half said...

I had to go and have a nice solid chocolate egg after I read about your inedible white one, just to take away the taste too! Love the bunny ears.

Wendy said...


There's never a reason not to have a nice chocolate egg but glad to provide egg-stra incentive!