Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday thanks for nothing Easter

Now I am all confused. See it's the first day of the working week today which is usually a Monday, but the calendar is telling me it's Tuesday. Usually I don't like Monday very much and Tuesday is okay. But with you, Easter, stuffing everything up with your fancy-schmancy Monday holiday how am I to know what to expect today? Will it be Monday? Will it be Tuesday? Will it be some devilish combination of the two?

On the upside I do realise there are only four working days to the week.

On the downside there because the holidays confused me and I spent three of the four days marking there is very little in the way of food in this house so my lunch today is looking particularly unusual: One banana, One boiled egg, two pieces of bread, one slightly stale hot cross bun. Mmmmmm the food of working champions I don't think.

Thanks for nothing Easter.

I shall report back this afternoon.


If I feel like it.

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2paw said...

That's a very sad lunch. I hope your day improves!