Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wendy's Week of TV 2.0: Garden Water Features

So what happened on my telly this week?

Let's travel back in time last Sunday evening and see how the story begins. (PS. take it as read that I watched Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert every night and enjoyed them a lot. Because I did)

Bones: Yet another repeat I do believe. Hey Channel Seven it doesn't bother me because I haven't seen them before, but it's probably really quite annoying for long time fans. Apparently though tonight is a New Episode. It looks exciting because it's something to do with the devil but you can bet your bottom dollar lil orphan Annie style that it won't be about that at all.

Monday was choir night but my sort of trusty Dvd Recorder did not fail me and I got to see The Big Bang Theory when I got home. Mild hurrahs. Sheldon was managing to pick up girls without realising it. The best bit was when one of them suggested that she "share credit" on his groundbreaking new paper and he turned all nasty. No, that doesn't sound like the great big world of academia at all.

Ah, Tuesday was a little bit unusual. I had searched all shops in Bundaberg for a particular DVD for my sister's birthday on Thursday. However, rather than finding that I bought myself a present. Series Two of the IT Crowd was marked down at Sanity. So I rewatched a few episodes before trying again, and sadly failing to persevere with QI. I love Stephen Fry and Alan Davies, but I just can't get into this show. I know. I'm a failure.

Wednesday was marked by the successful location of the DVD at KMart, shop of last resort. So I watched Yes Man with Jim Carrey while I ate my dinner. It was really quite sweet and enjoyable, if a little bit silly. Silly can be good. Really, anything with Rhys Darby from FOTC is a winner with me. Then I ignored the TV until it was time for Beautiful People at 9:30. It was another cracker of an episode picking the eyes out of the late 90s (and continuing sadly) trend for garden makeover programs, and the ubiquitous water features that accompanied them. Delightful.

Thursday there was very little television as it was Birthday Dinner time.

Friday it was Second Birthday Dinner Time but I did get home in time to watch Being Erica. You know why I am watching it? Because there is nothing else on and it's the kind of inoffensive television that you can sit through quite happily and immediately forget.

Today I plan to watch Blue Murder with the wonderful Caroline Quentin, because finally I remembered to record it. And then if time I will catch up on my Coen brothers' inadequacies with Fargo. Yes I realise, that's hugely embarrassing that I haven't seen it.

And good golly how much are we all looking forward to the return of Hey Hey Wednesaturday this week?


The Second Half said...

It took me a while to get into QI but now I quite enjoy it. Very much depends on who is on as guests, some are funny, some are just too much try-hards. Sometimes it is flat but as it's on just as I am trying to fall asleep, I find it quite soothing, if that makes sense at all.

Loving Bones re-runs too as I've missed episodes in the past too.

Wendy said...

Perhaps I should try harder with QI...there is nothing else decent on then I guess so it can't hurt.

New Bones last night though!