Friday, January 9, 2009

"all our operators are busy at the moment"

In spite of my very best efforts to procrastinate again today (coffee, morning tea, lunch,twitter, facebook, listening to the radio), there has been some progress in the "writing of the book from the thesis department". (note: this is not a real government department, however it does exist for real in my mind. is frequently unattended, with a long wait if you call, and poor service when you finally get through. Hmmm...perhaps it is a government department...or Telstra).

However....I have got into the conclusion, slashed and burned the VERY BORING AND UNNNECESSARILY LONG chapter summaries (why did I not take notice of my supervisors when I was writing this the first time round? Answer: because they were very nice and "left it up to me")and started writing some new stuff bringing it up to date with discussion of more recent programs. I am sticking to my plan of focusing on We Can Be Heroes and Summer heights high with the intention of name-dropping in other programs as relevant. So far so good. There is progress to take into the weekend and continue with over the next couple of weeks.

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