Friday, January 2, 2009

if it's Friday this must be Bundaberg?

I always think the time between Christmas and New Year is a little weird. Particularly because I tend to lose track of what day it is. For instance, knowing full well today is Friday, but waking up thinking it should be Monday, because yesterday (being a public holiday) felt like Sunday (when really it was Thursday). But then by this afternoon I thought today was Saturday because I didn't go to work but went shopping, had coffee, and generally lazed about. But then tomorrow will actually be Saturday with the usual breakfast out to start the weekend. It's all very confusing. Most frustrating of all is that Monday sees me return to work. Where have my three weeks holiday disappeared to? When I began January 5 seemed like ages away. And now I realise I have read none of the books I planned to (one of these years I am determined to read A suitable boy which I have owned for ages), nor I have seen any movies or watched any of the dvds I had lined up (there's still plenty of Seinfeld awaiting blogging). Sure, I've had a lot of nice afternoon naps (and even sometimes two in one can fit one in late morning if you really get organised), but Christmas dominated the break in both preparation and recovery. So I don't know that it was a really relaxing holiday. The lesson,I think, is more careful planning for next time.

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