Friday, January 30, 2009

Three things

I love getting stuff in the know the actual letterbox. It's especially exciting when the parcel man arrives and toots his horn outside. And you get to run out and sign the clever electronic signing device.

Today was a big day. I got the bag I ordered after seeing the story in the Australian. I too, hate the fact that those woolies green bags are used as general tote bags. Sadly, I didn't have the clever idea to do something about it.

And I also got a letter from my sponsor child. She is too little to write so I got these hand prints instead.

And then, my mum was out shopping, saw doctor who dvds on special and got me two.

Can this day get any better? (apart from the aforementioned headache which at present is resisting the mighty forces of a single panadol).


djfoobarmatt said...

Does that read "FREE Talking Pen"? What does the pen say? Actually I have more questions: what story in the Australian? Well that's the only question, the other thing was to say that sponsoring a child probably offsets your eco terrorism so you come out morally neutral now. Oh but you are avoiding plastic bags so I think your environmental apathy is cured.

Wendy said...

yes it does say free talking pen. and my first reaction to being bought the dvds was not "gee thanks mum for picking them up from me" but "WHERE"S MY FREE TALKING PEN". Unfortunately the small print says "Offer ends 31/12/07. If I had purchased all five volumes of Doctor Who before 31 December 2007 and then been bothered to send in proof of purchase I would have received a free talking tardis pen. Not only that I would have gone into the draw for "The ultimate Doctor Who prize pack" which includes a remote control dalek, tardis phone alert, cyberman voice charger helmet, dalek bottle opener,remote control K9, doctor who electronic board game, a set of action figures, and a sonic screwdriver that writes in uv ink and includes a spare pen nib. Sadly, for all of us it way past 31 December 2007. You also had to say in 25 words or less what you love most about Doctor Who.

Phew. It would have been quicker for me to take a photo of the flye inside the dvd.

Glad I am morally neutral,that's a good feeling :).

I thought the bag was funny. the website is There was story in the Australian on them last week. The other logo I liked was "all my other bags are prada" or something like that. I'll probably still use plastic bags. I have got a nice pink string bag which i use to take my lunch to work. I'm slowly curing my environmental apathy but seem to need the added incentive of jokes and shopping to do so. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. Maybe that's further proof of moral neutrality. ;)

Catriona said...

Okay, now one of the things I'm going to do when I become the Doctor's companion is go back in time to before the 31st of December 2007 so that I can get a free talking TARDIS pen and possibly a remote controlled Dalek, which is the item I spend the most time salivating over on the Internet.

Wendy said...

i have to say i did think of you when i saw that one! I think the cybermen voice changer helmet looks like fun as well.

Catriona said...

They sometimes have Dalek voice-changer helmets in the ABC Shop, and I consider whether Nick would like one--but he does an excellent Dalek voice all on his own. I think he's been practicing since he was six.

Wendy said...

Well much more impressive if you can do the voice without the helmet. So I think if he's put all that work in practising over the years, a helmet is definitely not necessary. That's commitment.