Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wendy's Week of TV: Part 27

Monday: The Big Bang Theory
I had briefly caught this summer filler a couple of weeks ago and thought I would give it a full half hour of my attention. I'm just not sure if I'm comfortable with the basic premise that science postgraduates and researchers are innately comic because they are written as stereotypical nerds. On the other hand I did find myself laughing quite a number of times. So all in all, not quite sure what to make of it. I did like the Roseanne reunion of Sara Gilbert and Johnny Galecki. Although, on the other hand, they are almost playing the exactly same characters they did in Roseanne. She, the independent, slightly emasculating, wise cracking girl, he the weak willed slightly geeky and easily bossed around boy. So the verdict, not must see TV, but much better than the crudity of Two and Half Men that that show seems to think passes as comedy. Note to sitcom writers: Sometimes crudity is just crude. It's not always funny as a matter of course.

Tuesday: Father Ted..well duh!

Hamish Macbeth: A slight return to form after last week's very boring episode where Hamish was seemed to be on holiday at a gloomy BandB with a mystery attached. This week there were some arsons in Lochdubh, as well as tension between Esme and Rory, and the return of Isobel to cover the shutting of the local school due to one of the fires. Much more satisfying.

Wednesday:My Family. Tecnhically I didn't watch it but listened to it while I was on the computer. It didn't sound funny.

Thursday: Some of Ugly Betty. The first series of Ugly Betty was one of my favourite things. Watching it tonight it has become repetitive and just a teensy eeensy bit dull. Perhaps there is a limit to the amount of storylines they can stretch out of a Betty's so-called "ugliness", together with Wilhemina Slater's desire to become Editor in Chief of Mode and her associated crazy antics. America Ferrera still does a stand out job acting the title role, and the combination of camp comedy with melodrama is still watchable, but like the later series of Will and Grace really I think this is one series that has run its race. The glossy novelty has worn off for me at least.

Friday: One Day Cricket Australia vs South Africa. Two reasons to love this.
1. It was a day night match so I could watch the second half after work
2. It was an actual nail biter, going right down to the wire in the spirit of the one day matches of yore when Joel Garner would be steaming in and Viv Richards would be biting his nails and chewing gum.
3. Australia lost
Well that's three reasons actually. I never said I was a mathematician.

Two reasons to dislike it though are:
1. The neverending self promotion of Channel Nine of it's 2009 schedule. Hearing Tony Grieg read out the blurb for Underbelly was wonderfully funny. Was it just me or did he sound sarcastically over enthusiastic?
2. The Johnny Walker trivia where now they have recorded a player asking the question. Unnecessary. Just let the commentators do it and have a little chit chat among themselves.
3. Both teams are wearing green which seems a little short sighted...especially for the short sighted if you come in half way through. Why is Australia not wearing the yellow pyjamas?

Darn it...that's three again.

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