Friday, January 23, 2009

but I'm not a prefectionist

I've just discovered this site thanks to Alison at vicarious conversations.

I'm telling myself in no uncertain terms that I don't need any more T-shirts, particularly ones that would label me as a "prefectionist".


alison said...

hahahaha ... oh, my profuse apologies! I did not mean to tempt you thus!

Wendy said...'s a problem...i have a mild addiction to threadless already...probably don't need to start looking at any other online tshirt sites really ;)

Catriona said...

I now desperately want this t-shirt.

And it's also the toys: I sometime wander onto Think Geek to salivate (metaphorically) over the remote-controlled Daleks.

Wendy said...

that t-shirt is cute...I also wanted the "I am blogging this" one...but thought people might start avoiding me if I wore it

there were some cute doctor themed shirts there too

you mean there isn't a remote controlled dalek in your house already? ;)

Catriona said...

Alas, no. Not out of an absence of desire, but out of an unwillingness to pay $200 U.S. for one of these, even if it does have both a Static Room Guard mode and a Roving Room Guard mode, and you can genuinely mess with its head by identifying yourself as the Doctor when it challenges you.


Ooh, they also have my absolute favourite Inigo Montoya t-shirt!

Now I'm on here for the afternoon.

Wendy said...

well that sounds like a fun afternoon. much more enjoyable than battling with APA referencing which I am growing to greatly dislike!

I say get the t-shirt

Mandie said...

Hi Wendy,

First thanks for letting me play with your blog :) I had a whole lotta fun sorting out the template hehe probably too much fun and probably spent too much time reading your posts!

I've been addicted to thinkgeek for a while now and can thoroughly recommend the t-shirts with the drum kit on them, I bought one for a Xmas present last year and it was a huge hit! (boom tish - no pun intended - much)

Thanks for the laughs,

alison said...

@Wendy, yes, I too have a significant collection of threadless tees. But, I convince myself, they are part of my teaching and research and I get to wear them to class!

Wendy said...

Hi Mandie - my sad attempts at uploading a template were quite funny too I bet!
Glad you enjoyed reading as you "worked"
hmmmmm...the t shirts are still calling me....and now come highly recommended as will i ever resist

Wendy said...

@alison i really want to get the "they're their there" threadless t shirt for wearing to class...but i'm waiting for the dollar to go up again...i might be waiting for a while hey!