Saturday, January 31, 2009

an impromptu visit to the antique shop

I think I might be a compulsive shopper. Or perhaps an impulsive shopper. That sounds nicer doesn't it? Take me to any shop and I can find something I want to buy. This morning apart from buying groceries (boring) I have also bought the following.
1. Four songs on iTunes. I had 8 dollars sitting there in credits so bought Frank Black songs from Teenager of the Year, an album I don't own. As well as yesterday's you tubed/blogged "Headache", I got "The Vanishing Spies", "Speedy Marie" and "Sir Rockabye". That man can sure write a pop song. I now have $1:50 left in credit which is frustrating. It also seems that I am living in 1994 because these songs still sound contemporary to me. Although in 1994 I couldn't have downloaded anything from iTunes.

2. A jasmine candle and candle holder. Because I don't have enough candles already.

3. A mat for my bedroom. One of those rag, woven, multicoloured things. I thought 10 dollars was a bargain.

4. And then the antique shop visit. It's having a closing down sale sadly, with big signs outside that say 70% off, make an offer etc. So I bought these great wall plaque plate things. One was 10 dollars and one was 5 dollars.

The smaller one is of The Rows, Chester and is handpainted. The second one is of the Tower of London and says it was produced in Bristol. I'm guessing it was handpainted as well. Now just to find a place for them on a wall somewhere. If only The Antiques Roadshow would come to Bundaberg and I could be the person with the shocked expression being told their object is worth thousands. I somehow doubt that will ever happen.

5. And then I also overpaid for an old bound version of Mill on the Floss. They had 25 dollars on it! I paid 15. It does have a nice inside cover of which here is a blurry photo.

I just need to stop going into shops of any kind.

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