Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Watch, Listen and Singalong: Part 6 Rocking out on Recovery

What ever happened to Recovery? Weren't the original hosts Andrew Daddo and Alex Papps. I loved watching the Henderson Kids when I was in Grade 9. Wonder what those two are up to these days? When did music videos stop holding any interest for me at all? Was it 25, 28, 32? Truly, I can't remember. Once Rage was the highlight of my weekend. Now I wouldn't have a clue what's in the music charts. Should I be listening to The Cat Empire? Is Augie March a person or a group? Just who is Gabriella Climi? Why is Vanessa Amorosi trying to make a comeback? Who are the contemporary equivalents of Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer and New Kids on the Block? Why did REM and U2 start making crap repetitive albums when they got mega-famous? Are they too busy chatting to the Popes and Presidents, making futile political gestures, and going bald in a groovy way?

So many questions,many of them stupid. Forgive me, I'm back at work. Just ignore them all and enjoy TMBG rocking out on Recovery some years ago. Would we call this "geek rock"? Have I invented a term? Probably not, there is Weezer after all. I used to love that song about the sweater with the dogs in the clip. In fact I think I own the album. In fact, I think I once owned a Weezer Tshirt. That's embarrassing. Whoops...got distracted there. Whatever.

Anyway...Your mission if you choose to accept it here is to appreciate the intensity of Linnell's singing like his throat will explode, and the fact that Flansburgh can look a little bit like an accountant on holidays while ripping apart his guitar strings. (No offence to accountants).


Catriona said...

I think the contemporary equivalent of New Kids on the Block is New Kids on the Block: they've reunited and are touring again.

Now that's news to make some of us feel old and all of us feel sad.

Wendy said...

oh yes I do feel old and sad at that frightening news!

( but my favourite was joey I think)