Monday, January 12, 2009

reasons why I am not a domestic goddess, or, muffin cooking Monday

An occasional series combined with "days of the week".

Cooking orange and poppyseed muffins. Out of a packet. Just add water.

I don't think Nigella would approve.

Not only was there no added chocolate, butter, cream or lard, but there was also no pouting in a disturbing fashion to the camera crew in the kitchen, or batting of eyelashes while my mildly curled brown tresses fell alluringly over my face.

Come to think of it, there was no camera crew in the kitchen.

Or mildly curled brown tresses and batting of eyelashes.

Just me, the packet mix and a pink measuring cup of water. And the blue muffin cases in the muffin pan.

Plus, I'm not exactly sure what lard is, or whether one would ever include it in an orange and poppyseed muffin recipe, packet or otherwise.


djfoobarmatt said...

ew lard! I recall a housemate who was into deep frying stuff on the stove and would leave his pot of lard to be reused each night. Eventually it felt like the entire kitchen had a thin layer of the stuff on everything.

I don't know about packet muffins but packet cupcakes are quite acceptable as far as I'm concerned. (I have an aspiring domestic goddess at my place who likes to experiment with cupcake recipes so I'm a connoisseur.)

Wendy said...

ooo...that's disgusting (the lard story...not the cupcakes)

I too have tried the packet baby cupcakes - mini ones...they are good too and come in lots of different flavours!

The packet muffins are quite good...have eaten two today already!

djfoobarmatt said...

My other housemate eventually moved the pot of lard to his bedroom with a note that read "i think this is yours :-)". For some reason we never spoke to each other again when the lease was up and we moved out.

Wendy said...

As well as being gross, lard is clearly not a good basis for building an ongoing friendship. I wonder what the moral of that story is?

Catriona said...

"Don't move in with people who own the complete Two Fat Ladies on DVD"?

Wendy said...

Good moral!

I didn't mind the two fat ladies far as tv chefs go

still i don't feel the need to own them on dvd

jinx said...

Just wondering when the muffins will make it into work for your colleagues???

Catriona said...

Oh, I love the Two Fat Ladies. But I don't think they cooked anything that didn't either have enormous quantities of lard or dollops of butter the size of tennis balls.


Wendy said...

i do remember the fat ladies using a lot of butter...I'm not averse to that :)

hmmm...sharing muffins with work colleagues...good suggestion but difficult this time seeing as they're nearly all gone (the muffins, not the colleagues)