Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why i am not a domestic goddess

I'm pretty sure domestic goddesses do not:
1. wash a load of towels
2. put said load of towels in the dryer
3. forget about previously mentioned load of towels for say three of four days
4. suddenly remember towels are in the dryer (in the middle of Saturday morning shopping)
5. get home, open dryer, realise that didn't put it on for long enough so aforementioned load of towels are still damp, and now have that fuggy, wet dog smell that towels get when they aren't properly dry and have been sitting, wet and pathetically neglected in the dryer for three of four days (could be five, I can't actually remember)
6. start all over again with the towel washing and drying routine.


djfoobarmatt said...

Wow, you wash your towels!

Wendy said...

oh! well maybe I am a domestic goddess after all then?