Friday, January 2, 2009

An encouraging "no"

Just received a very encouraging "no" to my Arrested Development paper that I had sent to The Velvet Light Trap. That's okay. Until a week or so ago, I had actually forgotten I sent it. And unlike some journals they took the time to give some very useful, lengthy constructive criticism, praising some aspects of it which was nice, and recommending that I definitely follow through with the ideas in it to revise the paper. In my experience not all journals bother to do that either. They did take some time to get back to me, so I can live with the fact that I won't revise it for them. I'm happy to keep it on the backburner for the first few months of the year while the book is my focus. This article was a new idea, just germinating, when I wrote the paper. And I believe no writing is wasted if it continues to generate new ideas in my current work - which it has.

So, all in all, good.

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