Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wendy's Week of TV: Part 29

Normal programming for Wendy's Week of TV will resume "after the tennis" (a phrase incidentally which Wendy will be happy never to hear again after Sunday's dream Federer v Nadal men's final).

This week,however Wendy's Week of TV has defaulted in lieu of her tennis watching obsession which included being swept up in the Jelena Dokic dream return and re-establishment as an "Australian Tennis Player". Isn't it wonderful how we embrace sportspeople when they're winning but could care less about them when they aren't. Seriously, Australia is fantastic like that, what with it's one-eyed, jingoistic nationalistic, patriotic bias when it comes to sport. Lleyton who?

Wendy also spent much of the week wondering why Nadal has ditched the long shorts and sleeveless tops which were previously his signature "look". She had an actual conversation about why tennis dresses were made of synthetic material when surely cotton would be much cooler. (But then she remembered George's disastrous attempt to institute new uniforms along the same lines for the Yankees in Seinfeld).

She also marvelled at everyone in Melbourne's ability to run around in the stinking heat for such long periods. Use the roof people!! Finally some sense prevailed later in the week.

But what she enjoyed most was Channel 7's shameless use of its tennis coverage to promote it's new year line up of what are apparently the most fantastic television programs you have ever seen in your television viewing life. Who's idea was it to put the names on tennis balls? Genius. No, really, I mean it.

Here's a list of programs Wendy won't be watching.

Desperate Housewives - you've had you're day ladies. It was a good run. And ripping off Ugly Betty by giving the short housewife ( I forget her name) fat, ugly children isn't a good look.

All Saints - "like you've never seen it before". Well actually I did watch quite a lot of Police Rescue with Sonia Todd and Gary Sweet, so I don't feel the need to watch it again but with John Waters instead of Gary.

Triple Zero Heroes - at least I think is a Channel 7 show. Sure the title rhymes but that's about as far as my interest goes.

Grey's Anatomy - Never watched it. Well that's a lie...I watched it a couple of times. Just annoyed me. Stop moping around Meredith, cut your fringe and get on with your medical work.

City Homicide - or whatever that show is with Nadine Garner and Daniel McPherson. I liked NYPD Blue, The Bill (in it's heyday), even Blue Heelers was watchable at some points. And Noni Hazlehurst is a class act, but I do not feel drawn to this program at all. Don't we have enough gritty police dramas already. Although thumbs up for Australian production I guess.

Packed to the Rafters - Well points for using Pat Rafter's name in the title. But it all looks just a bit too jolly and heart-warming for me. Even the promos are fingernails down the blackboard material. Perhaps I shouldn't judge before I've given it a chance. But it looks like they've blended Seachange, Always Greener with just a tinge of Neighbours and hoped for the best. If there is nothing else remotely watchable on any other channel maybe I'll try it out.

Sunday Night: I'm guessing this is going to screen on Sunday nights? No? What an imaginative title.

Shows I might be watching:
RSPCA animal rescue: Because puppies and kittens are cute.


2paw said...

I thought, at first, they literally meant 'after the Tennis' and I thought the shows would be on rather late. I'm with you on the not-for-watching-shows but I can't watch the animal ones either: far too distressing. I'm waiting for Life, Dexter, Burn Notice, Cranford and not much else at the moment. Not sure about the USA Life on Mars either.
Police Rescue was excellent.

Wendy said...

yes i don't know how i'll go with the animal show. but i do support the rspca which is where i got my lovely cat so i sort of feel obliged to give it a go.

i cannot stand anything that shows operations, emergencies, or real life police chases etc. I'm very much waiting for Cranford too. There's a big article on the USA Life on Mars in the australian today. i think though i am getting a set against US remakes of successful shows might give it a miss.
Police Rescue...the good old days of TV for me! That plus the big gig, the late show etc...good times!